Overview of DLG

Douglass Law Group is a leading California law firm representing clients in connection with complex construction projects, commercial business disputes, and civil litigation. Clients seek our dynamic intellect and imaginative legal solutions. We are headquartered in Mill Valley, but also work out of client’s offices as a part of our part-time General Counsel program that caters primarily to our contractor clients.

DLG’s entrepreneurial spirit and nimble responsiveness to our client’s needs is our hallmark. From project development and complex transactional expertise to trial prowess in high-stakes civil litigation, DLG’s clients rely on and appreciate our fierce focus on client service and high-quality work.

DLG’s Client-Centric Approach

We connect on a personal level with all of our clients, big and small. We have successfully fused the quality and experience of large firms with the personal attention and flexibility associated with a small firm. DLG views its clients as long-term partners and strives to build deep relationships with its clients to help them pursue and realize their strategic business goals.

Partnering with our clients is ingrained in our ethos and sometimes includes literally becoming part of their in-house team. Indeed, as a part of DLG’s part-time General Counsel Program, we embed ourselves in our client’s offices to gain an insider’s view of the client’s business and to develop an understanding of the client’s unique risk tolerances. Based on this insider’s depth of knowledge, we are able to offer real-time input that better positions our clients to exploit opportunities and to better defend against potential liabilities when they present themselves.