Business Litigation

DLG has multi-faceted experience in a range of business settings, and we are committed to helping clients anticipate and resolve legal opportunities and threats involving their business activities. DLG’s long-standing success hinges on its judgment—informed by experience—to accurately assess opponents, outcomes, and costs and the strategic use of the law and procedural rules in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and trials.

Our clients trust us to handle their business litigation matters. They value our technical knowledge and ability to explain complex facts to judges and juries. Although much of our business litigation work is adversarial, we also look for bottom-line solutions to disputes and strive to avoid costly bare-fisted litigation to preserve our clients’ resources and reputations.

Our clients appreciate our responsiveness, the careful attention of our attorneys, and the value they receive from the relationship and our work. To us, our clients are real people with complex legal problems to be resolved.